First Oculus Quest 3 leak reveals a huge redesign that’s closer to Quest Pro

What you need to know

  • YouTuber and VR leaker Bradley Lynch has shared some mockup CAD images for the Quest 3 headset, as well as providing some updated information of what features to expect.
  • The Quest 3 will reportedly not feature any kind of eye or face tracking, unlike the upcoming Quest Pro.
  • The overall design of the headset is based on the Quest Pro, with thinner lenses that allow for more balanced weight distribution.
  • Meta is also reportedly investing in Project Razor, a plan for creating high-end VR game experiences using Cloud technology.

A new leak is giving us a look at some of the features we can expect the Meta Quest 3 headset to use, with a few improvements that seem to build on what will be offered with the upcoming Quest Pro.

YouTuber Bradley Lynch (SadleyItsBradley) shared (opens in new tab) some updated information for what Meta is currently planning for the Quest 3 VR headset. Most surprising out of everything, Lynch indicates that the Quest 3 will not feature any sort of eye tracking or face tracking, something that is notably being included with the Quest Pro.

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