South Africa: Internet services interruption in Pretoria scheduled 13:00 Nov. 26-14:00 Nov. 27.

25 Nov 2022 |: 03:28 AM UTC

Internet services interruption in Pretoria, South Africa scheduled from 13:00 Nov. 26-14:00 Nov. 27. Likely communication disruptions.






Network maintenance will result in an internet services interruption in Pretoria 13:00 Nov. 26-14:00 Nov. 27. The maintenance will aim at upgrading Pretoria’s Internet Service Provider (SIPA)’s data center. Internet access will be restored once the municipality receives confirmation that the upgrades have been completed.

Business and communication disruptions resulting from the inability to access the internet are possible. The interruption may last longer than scheduled and will likely prevent access to the city’s online services including purchasing electricity. Private internet services could also be affected.


Implement contingency plans to mitigate internet service disruptions through at least Nov. 27. Ensure pre-paid electricity has been purchased prior to the service interruption. Consider alternative modes of communication.

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