Depth signings, Bellinger’s market, and more

Thanksgiving week is upon us and the chances are it will be a relatively slow news week for Major League Baseball as free agents and teams will likely put business to the side for the holiday weekend beginning on Thursday. The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings are set to be two weeks from today and those meetings often represent the first amount of movement in regards to the names at the top of the free agent list this offseason. Barring a signing between now and then, it would seem likely that the Cubs will have more meetings with the representatives of Carlos Correa, Jose Abreu, Kodai Senga, Cody Bellinger, etc. when agents and front office officials get together at the winter meetings.

None of the major free agents, outside of starting pitcher Tyler Anderson, have found homes for the 2023 season yet. That would be why there is a need for Cubs fans to practice patience. Over the course of the past week, the Cubs acquired two infielders in Miles Mastrobuoni and Rylan Bannon. The reaction to those transactions was more of the same that we have heard over the course of the past four seasons–“same ole Cubs”, “there go the Cubs again, not spending money”, or “this team is cheap”. Those are all unfair reactions to have to the moves that the Cubs made this past week. If we reach March and Mastrobuoni and Bannon represent the major acquisitions of the offseason, then, by all means, let’s petition for a new Major League movie centered around the 2023 Cubs. We are not at that point yet.

What’s important to remember is that the Cubs also have to fill out the rosters within their farm system this offseason. Between minor league free agency and the Rule 5 draft that will take place at the winter meetings, the Cubs have several rosters within their organization that are in need of attention. That is why the acquisitions of players such as Mastrobuoni and Bannon occur during this part of the offseason.

Former Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder Cody Bellinger is becoming a popular name on the free agent market. Former Major League Baseball general manager Jim Bowden reported on Sunday that there are as many as five teams interested in the former MVP.

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