Chicago Cubs Outfield Prospect Alexander Canario Has Homered THREE TIMES Tonight

Thanks to the absolute explosion of his teammate Matt Mervis, we haven’t talked much lately about the similar trajectory outfield prospect Alexander Canario has been on this year.

Like Mervis, Canario started his season out at High-A South Bend. Like Mervis, Canario got the bump to Double-A Tennessee because High-A wasn’t enough. And, like Mervis, Canario so thoroughly destroyed Double-A that he got the rare in-season, multi-level bump to Triple-A. Now the two hit back-to-back in the Iowa Cubs lineup.

Mervis has been such a unique story because he’s not only raked at every level, he’s done so immediately, and arguably better at every level. For Canario, it’s been a more traditional path of struggling a bit at a new level, adjusting, and then breaking out.

He’s doing it at Triple-A finally, and in a particularly extreme way. He’s homered THREE TIMES TONIGHT, and, like Mervis, he now has 34 homers on the season:

That better not have been intentional on the plunking of Mervis, by the way.

Canario, 22, figures to open up the 2023 season back at Iowa until there’s a need/opening at the big league level, or his performance gives the Cubs no choice but to promote him. He’s still quite young, after all. But what a year for Alexander Canario (and Matt Mervis!), who joins Jordan Nwogu in having three-homer games this season.

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