Aaron Judge is having the greatest offensive MLB season ever

Reds first baseman Joey Votto appeared Thursday on the “Dan Patrick Show,” discussing his Wednesday night tour of the Great American Ball Park during Cincinnati’s win against the Boston Red Sox among other topics.

Patrick, a Mason High School and University of Dayton graduate, asked Votto whether he thinks New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is having the greatest baseball season in Major League Baseball history.

“I think it’s a very fair statement,” Votto said. “I do think without getting too deep into the weeds with the doping stretch, I think that was a much different era. I also think post integration – I think that matters. There’s too many big wins-above-replacement seasons, too many extreme seasons in the earlier part of the 20th century. It’s nice that you put up a 12-win season or hit .400, but you did it against a bunch of white players that weren’t competing against the best in the world. Whereas the two American League candidates (for MVP) are a Japanese player and a 6-foot-9 Black athlete in Aaron Judge. So, to me, we have the very best version of the game right now with the best athletes, and Aaron Judge is completely dominating us. Sixty home runs, in the running for the Triple Crown, fantastic defender. He’s the leader of the Yankees. And just purely offensively, measurably he’s in that upper, upper tier of offensive one-year performances. And I think it’s very fair to say he’s having the greatest offensive season of all time.”

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