3 reasons Braves can win the World Series, 1 reason they won’t

Atlanta Braves (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

There are many reasons why the Atlanta Braves could win the 2022 World Series and at least one reason why they won’t.

The defending champion Atlanta Braves have their eyes on the National League East. It has eluded them for most of the year thanks to the New York Mets who have mustered up more wins this season… so far.

The Braves will either finish with the division and the No. 2 seed or the top Wild Card spot. Either way, they’ve clinched a playoff berth and will look to repeat.

This year’s Braves team is confident, maybe a little cocky, and also very talented. For three big reasons, fans should feel like they will end this year with another parade. For another, they should prepare their hearts to be broken.

1) Braves will win the World Series because they have a little bit of everything

The Braves starting lineup is amazing. It’s not perfect. When up against any pitching staff out there, they have the ability to put up some crooked numbers.

From top to bottom, this team can hit. Maybe most notable of all, they can hit with power. Even a guy like Marcell Ozuna has the ability to give a fan in the upper deck a souvenir.

It doesn’t stop with the hitting. Their pitching is pretty good, too. In the postseason, when fewer starters are needed, the Braves will have the ability to remove the weakest link and proceed with only their best starting pitcher options.

Then there’s the bullpen with the biggest weakness maybe being some recent struggles from Kenley Jansen. Luckily for them, the Braves have enough alternatives to put in the ninth inning. Raisel Iglesias is the perfect alternative to make sure blown saves don’t blow their season.

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