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Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani
Photo: Erin Simkin (Hulu)

Better hit the bank and break a $20 because Welcome To ChippendalesHulu’s next true crime miniseries, is coming for your dollar bills. Premiering this November, Welcome To Chippendales tales of the rise and fall of America’s most infamous “male-stripping empire.” And rather than sharing the recreation of that Chris Farley SNL sketch that we assume will appear in the show, Hulu posted the first teaser. It’s just like Chippendales to tease.

Welcome To Chippendales | Official Teaser | Hulu

It turns out that Nanjiani did not get into Marvel shape for the The Chippendales show. HAlso, he’s playing bespectacled businessman Somen “Steven Banerjee. Banerjee, Indian immigrant and terrible businessman, would found Chippendales, but not before it became abundantly clear that he didn’t have a knack for running a business. Early in his career, he turned to people like Ideas for Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten’s murderer Paul Snider. Snider was a customer at Banerjee’s first club, Destiny II, and suggested a male strip show and the bowties. Since it was Banerjee’s dream to own the world’s classiest club, he took Paul Snider’s advice. Of course, there’s nothing classier than a bare chest and a little tie.

Eventually, Banerjee linked up with Nick De Noia (played on the series by Emmy winner Murray Bartlett), an acclaimed TV choreographer who would develop the Chippendales stage show. As one can imagine (because there’s a TV show about this stuff), De Noia’s relationship with Banerjee would bring out all of the founder’s worst impulses: Jealousy, assassins, and six-pack upon six-pack of rockhard abs.

Brought to you by Robert Siegel, the former Onion editor-turned-screenwriter of The Wrestler and Pam & Tommy, Welcome To Chippendales plays on that ever-so-popular mix of true-crime, comedy, and a period setting. The first two episodes of Welcome To Chippendales premiere on November 28 on Hulu, with new episodes jumping on stage every Tuesday.


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