“This Was A Rough One” – Deadline

Whoopi Goldberg was back as moderator of ABC’s The View today, after a week off with Covid.

“You can get boosted within an inch of your life and then the next thing you know you got Covid again,” said Goldberg, wearing an “Over It” sweatshirt, at the top of today’s episode. “But I don’t have it now and that’s why I’m back at the table.”

Goldberg, who had a bout with Covid at the start of 2022, said this go-round was “rough.”

“I will tell you, we’re used to people saying, ‘Oh [Covid] isn’t that bad [now]’, but this was a rough one,” Goldberg said. Both she and co-host Sunny Hostin, whose mother was briefly hospitalized recently with the respiratory virus RSV, encouraged mask-wearing.

“The true thing is, if you really want to protect yourself you probably need to keep the mask on a little more than you want to,” Goldberg said.

ABC and The View first confirmed Goldberg’s Covid diagnosis last week.

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