No Hero Gifted Me a Villa. Rashmi Gautam

Rashmi Gautam is no stranger to rumors. She becomes ‘stuff’ on YouTube channels, and catchy thumbnails of her gain more views. One such viral thumbnail was of a Tollywood hero gifting her villa.

Rashmi Gautam is the most active television personality. She makes good money from these TV shows. She couldn’t keep quiet when news of a hero gifting a luxurious villa in Hyderabad went viral. She commented on these reports.

“I bought whatever I have in my name, whether it’s a house, a car, or jewelry. Nobody gave me anything. All of those valuables were purchased with my hard-earned money. Don’t believe such nonsense,” she replied.

There is also word that Rashmi Gautam has ended her long-term relationship with someone. She has yet to respond to the most recent viral news.


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