Explore the Universe with These Star Trek Children’s Board Books

Go where no board book has gone before with two new children’s board books!

Explore colors seen across the galaxy with Star Trek: My First Book of Colors and discover our solar system and beyond Star Trek: My First Book of Space.

Thanks to its innovative storytelling, breathtaking special effects, and engaging characters, Star Trek has, for over 55 years, captivated the imaginations of generations of fans. But far more than a simple entertainment, Star Trek has long been cited as the inspiration for countless scientists, engineers, writers, artists, and, of course, astronauts, to enter and succeed in their chosen fields of study. Now, for the first time, the youngest Trek where you can explore strange new worlds and see the universe through a Starfleet Academy telescope or through the eyes of a Starfleet cadet.

In Star Trek: My First Book of Colorswritten by Robb Pearlman and illustrated by Jason Kayser, enjoy illustrations of a SHINY SILVER space station, a GORN GREEN captain wearing a GOLD lame tunic and BROWN gauntlets, and of course Starfleet officers wearing BLUE, YELLOW, and RED shirts!

Star Trek: My First Book of Space

In Star Trek: My First Book of Spacediscover illustrations of some of Star Trek‘s most iconic space-faring vessels, including the Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Ninea Klingon Bird of Prey, and the Kataan probe are paired with real photographs of an asteroid, the planets, Pluto, the Sun, and even a nebula!

When enjoyed alongside each other, Star Trek: My First Book of Colors and Star Trek: My First Book of Space offers readers and fans of all ages an age-appropriate, entertaining, and energizing first contact with a comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education. Both titles are now available everywhere books are sold.

Thanks to our friends over at Smart Pop Books, StarTrek.com can share a coloring page from each book below!

Star Trek Board Book Coloring Page

Star Trek Board Book Coloring Page

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