SF residents, tourists already seem sick of Dreamforce 2022

Photo of Joshua Bote

Crowds congregate at downtown San Francisco’s Moscone Center for Dreamforce 2022, held by Salesforce.

Joshua Bote/SFGATE

For all of the celebrity cameos (Lenny Kravitz! Matthew McConaughey! “Saturday Night Live’s” Alex Moffat!) and hopeful downtown San Francisco restaurateurs and hotel operators, Dreamforce — the titanic conference held by corporate tech giant Salesforce — is a pain in the rear for nearly everyone else in San Francisco, tourists and residents alike.

Beyond the clogged roads and sidewalks in downtown San Francisco, Dreamforce makes explicit Salesforce’s domineering presence in the city. Not only does it take up massive physical space; for a few days a year, it proves to be a massive imposition for everyone else living in, working in and visiting downtown San Francisco.

And even though a plurality of people on Twitter posting about Salesforce appear enthusiastic about attending (and there are many, many people recirculating pictures of co-CEO Marc Benioff in Ariana Grande-esque bunny ears)there are plenty of others who are less than enamored by the whole affair.

Below, the best tweets poking fun at Dreamforce 2022 so far, from SantaCon comparisons to the Lenny Kravitz of it all.

Dreamforce runs Tuesday through Thursday at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. And if you don’t want to brave the crowds, it’s also streaming online through Salesforce Plus.

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