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With Black Friday just around the corner, many are preparing for the infamous battle of finding the best gifts with the greatest deals. For some, the perfect find was discovered this Sunday at the Bulldog Vintage Market.

The Bulldog Vintage Market was held at The Classic Center Pavilion on Nov. 20 from 12-5 pm Put on by Draba, the market featured 30 vintage vendors.

Vendors offer hand-picked ’80s and ’90s clothing and jewelry, vintage Bulldog merch, NFL apparel and more. Additionally, $5 and $10 piles lined the floors and racks for customers to explore.

“Honestly, [it’s] your resale dream. Anything that you wish to find at a thrift store — your dream item, Harley Davidson, Betty Boop, anything — it’s gonna be here,” Tanner Barnett, a vendor for Venus Glamour, said.

By paying a local fee for the event, small businesses traveled to Athens to get the chance to sell their items at one of the biggest markets of the year.

“We’re from Jacksonville, Alabama,” Barnett said. “[I saw] one of the digital posts by Draba — he’s the one that’s marketing the whole event. I’ve just been messaging other local vendors and whatnot, finding different shows. Just seeing where it takes me.”

With people traveling near and far, the market provided something special for everyone — whether it was the item of someone’s dreams or a new customer for a small business.

“I think it gives an opportunity to people who normally might have a harder time selling stuff because they have to have a Depop or an Instagram page in order for you to buy from them,” sophomore University of Georgia student Slater Edlein said. “In here, you’re walking around. You can actually see it, put it on, try it on.”

“You don’t have to look for it. We find it for you,” Barnett said.

The vintage market is also a space for people with similar interests to meet each other. While shoppers find new second-hand clothes to love, they can also find a new friend.

“I like talking with everybody and seeing everyone’s outfits because at UGA there’s definitely a lot of people here,” Edlein said. “I’m running into everyone in my circle, everyone I know, or everyone I want to be friends with.”

Draba is also holding vintage markets in other cities such as Chapel Hill and Boone, North Carolina.

“Draba is fairly new. Right now they’re traveling around different schools, and we’re just vending at different places right now,” Trini Estrada, owner of Where’s The Racks, said. “Honestly, this is probably one of the best events I’ve done.”


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